Climate Files 30 / The Age of Climate Cooperation

Obama speaking at the UN Climate Change Summit on September 22nd 2009
Obama speaking at the UN Climate Change Summit on September 22nd 2009

The UN Summit on Climate Change brought together 100 world leaders at the UN on September 22 and the Age of Stupid movie event happened on September 21, all in New York City. What did they all accomplish?  It’s unclear.  The UN Summit was a good start, according to Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General. President Obama spoke at the summit on the need for action, though he didn’t give out any targets or make any big announcements, like some of the world leaders did. Japan made a big announcement, as did the President of the Maldives. You will hear several highlights of the summit in this episode.

The UN website where you can see all the video archives of the summit is here.

The Age of Stupid was a great movie for putting a human face on climate change. Telling the personal stories of how climate change impacts people is exactly what the world needs right now. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it.   Kofi Annan and scientists and celebrities and politicians spoke after this world premiere, and this episode includes some highlights of that event.  It was a live event and a lot of fun, in addition to being educational.

There was quite a bit of news out there this week, and here’s a list of most of the stories that were mentioned in Climate Files #30.

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