Climate Files 31 / Off to the Climate Races

FN31Races2The Senate climate bill has arrived! It’s called CEJAPA, an awful name. That stands for Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. Let’s call it the Climate Bill or the Kerry-Boxer bill.  It leaves a lot to be desired, because it’s still full of coal, and gas, and it’s also not even a cap and trade bill. They are leaving that up to the Finance Committee. Are you confused yet?  I explain everything, with some help, in this episode.  Basically, the bill isn’t finished, and they left it that way on purpose.

Some of the help in explaining it comes from USCAN and their great consolidation of environmental groups’ statements on this bill. USCAN’s site about the bill is here, and as for the climate bill itself, that is here in full (pdf). If you don’t want to read all 821 pages of it, see the summary here (pdf).

Also, the EPA Introduced New Rules to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions already! They aren’t wasting time. Read about it here. The EPA also said all 79 pending MTR coal mining permits would lead to water pollution and need further review. I like this EPA!

The frightening news continues: A six-foot/two-meter sea level rise is inevitable no matter what we do. Still, it could be worse.

‘Runaway’ melt is occurring on the Antarctica, and Greenland ice sheets. Experts find more ‘pervasive, enduring’ thinning than previously realized.

That community I tell you about is here and that 2012 movie clip is here at Fancast. Not even climate change could be as bad as that disaster — or could it?

If you are interested in the Bangkok climate change talks on-demand webcasts, they are here.

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Music: The Cult, Rain, and at the end, Santogold, Lights Out

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