Climate Files 34 / Send Obama to Copenhagen with Climate Plan

Climate Action Day for 350 ppm
Climate Action Day for 350 ppm

President Obama gave an energy speech at MIT in Massachusetts on October 23rd, which you will hear in this episode.  He announced some interesting things that MIT students are working on in terms of new energy.  He also said  the US is in a peaceful competition to develop clean technologies, and he championed US leadership on clean energy, as international deadlines for climate change mitigation loom.

In this episode, you will also hear Australian scientist Tim Flannery plead with Americans to pass climate legislation, and then hear Lisa Jackson explain how the EPA is back in action.  Flannery’s interview is from DemocracyNow.

Everyone is expecting Obama to show up in Copenhagen for the major climate summit in December.  He needs some convincing to get there, however.  Help send Obama to Copenhagen and call the White House. The White House number is (202) 456-1414. The latest news is that he isn’t going and we need to convince him to go to Copenhagen with a Climate plan, if not legislation, in hand.

Now, I’m not a big supporter of the cap and trade bill (Kerry-Boxer, or CEJAPA) because most analysts says it won’t do enough to stop or even slow down climate change enough to make a difference.  But some experts and analysts say it will do just that.  It’s hard to know who to believe.  But it will be a first step on the road to a climate deal in Copenhagen, or COP15, which is a two week meeting on climate change in December.
Also check out the October 24 International Day of Climate Action, sponsored by  350 ppm  is the goal in Copenhagan.

Also on Friday, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, released the text of the Chairman’s Mark of the CEJAPA bill  (S. 1733).  That’s from the EPW news release from late Friday (Oct. 23rd) night.  (The full text of the Chairman’s Mark was here but is currently unavailable — check back  later.)  The main difference between this text and the draft of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act released late last month is that it “specifies distribution of emissions allowances” (details here).  Also, the EPA released its analysis of Boxer’s bill.   (click here).

The PDA statement for a carbon price is here.   The Stop Global Warming/Environmental Issues Organizing Team has been sifting through different legislative proposals in the House and Senate since late last year and they have decided to support direct carbon pricing, with revenue recycling as the best method for reducing carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. Read the statement here. Music at end: Eve of Destruction rewritten and performed by New Millenium.

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