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Kicking off NaPodPoMo month, Futurism Now covers environmental and climate justice and EPA news.  Join FN this month while we explore whether a daily podcast can be done  while retaining a semblance of a life. NaPodPoMo stands for “National Podcast Post Month”. Check out the other ones participating here.

Climate justice is about climate debt, past, present and future. What is the cost of climate debt?  So far, about $100 billion a year.  Shifting to renewable energy will raise the cost to as much as $600 per year over the next decade.    Who will pay for this?  Obviously, the more poor countries can’t.

This episode contains a recording of one session of the SEJ, the Society of Environmental Journalists.   SEJ 2009 was hosted by University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, Wisconsin, October 7-11, 2009.

The SEJ conference’s website is here.

One speaker is Leslie Fields, National Environmental Justice and Community Partnerships Director,  of the  Sierra Club  Her topic is Climate Change, Human Health and Environmental Justice both in the US and internationally.  The 2nd speaker is Jonathan Patz, Professor and Director of Global Environmental Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The format is a panel and there is a Q&A session.

In a lot of ways that haven’t been covered much yet — or even researched adequately — climate change promises to wreak havoc with human health.  Already researchers are detecting increased rates of death from excess heat, insects, diseases and rising water.

Among the climate justice groups Leslie mentions:  Environmental justice climate change initiative,  or  Also, the Environmental Justice Forum, and WEACT . . . . and many other groups around the U.S. working on climate change justice.

Poor people and people of color will be impacted more by climate change than anyone, but second will be Americans, because we are used to such a carbon-intensive life.  The media has to write and talk about making this more fair, and bringing this to the attention of the public. And this is why FN is participating in NaPodPoMo.

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