Climate Files 48 / Climate Summit Anticipation

The world's most important climate summit starts on December 7th
The world's most important climate summit starts on December 7th

This is your Copenhagen Climate Summit introduction.  In this episode you will find out some basic answers to: why is the summit important?  What can we expect?

President Obama will be attending the Copenhagen climate summit on December 18th.

The climate science continues to be very serious.  In the new Report:  Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment, it is reported that warming will escalate in the Antarctic once the ozone hole is closed, in only a few short decades.   You can download the report here. The basic rundown of the summit and brief background is here. The UNFCCC’s 10 frequently asked questions about the Copenhagen deal is here (pdf).

In this episode, the Real News interviews Tzeporah Berman of Canada.   She  is the Executive Director and one of the Co-founders of PowerUp Canada. Tzeporah is also known for her work in the early 1990s coordinating the largest civil disobedience protest in Canada’s history in Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  She discusses Copenhagen and what to expect, as well as the cooperation on climate of the U.S. and Canada.  If the US, Canada and China are committed to oil and coal, what can Copenhagen accomplish?   Two portions of her interview are played in this episode (1 and 3) and you can find part 2 at the Real News network.

James Hansen has  released an article with his thoughts about his grandchildren’s future, emissions caps, and the Copenhagen summit, which is read in this episode.  You can read it yourself here (pdf).

For those wanting more media on the Copenhagen summit, here is the Youtube channel for COP15, and here is the main UNFCCC COP15 website.  Their Virtual Participation site is here.    FN will be doing as many updates during the Summit as we can.  It also looks like I will be able to get an exclusive report or two from someone who is already there.  More on that later, and on a recent energy committee hearing that got very interesting.

Download this episode here Listen here or subscribe on the right. Video link for the protest you hear on the end (which occurred in Washington DC) is here.

Music for this episode from David Holmes.

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