Climate Files 49 / The Climate Olympics Begin

GreenProtestersCopenhagenweb The Copenhagen climate summit COP15 has begun, and it seems like most of the world is there.

That’s the biggest news. Coinciding with that, the EPA has passed an endangerment finding under the Clean Air Act.  Could we ask for anything more?  Yes, a binding legal treaty to reduce emissions, in Copenhagen.  That’s what we really need. But now we know that if Congress doesn’t act on climate change legislation quickly enough, the EPA now has an obligation to regulate or otherwise stop harmful GHG emissions from hurting the health of Americans.

The finding was time to strengthen the U.S. negotiating position in Copenhagen.  Good for them.  In this episode you can hear two introductory press conferences on days 1 and 2 of the climate conference and also the U.S. delegate, John Pershing, stating the U.S.’s preliminary positions.  They all also smack down the climate scientist emails that were illegally obtained, stating that it just won’t make any difference. There is an enormous amount of scientific data in the U.S. and from all over the world that has been independently arrived at and supports global warming claims. Watch the EPA announcement video here and you can download the Finding’s segments there too.

The mysterious Danish Text story.

LinkTV climate change videos are here.

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