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SavetheClimatewebHere is your Copenhagen climate summit summary from Week 1.

Recorded clips include Naomi Klein, Nnimmo Bassey from Klimaforum09, and James Hansen from an interview with The Guardian on December 2nd. Hansen discussed nuclear power and how this climate summit isn’t going to be adequate. Naomi Klein discusses mainly the same things, but from her economic justice perspective. Bassey is a well-known Nigerian climate activist.

Here is the main, official Copenhagen draft text as of December 11th,(PDF)  and here is the (better) Klimaforum Declaration (opens new page).

Climate Files is the new name of this podcast and it will be gradually changing to that in the next week or two. Mainly it needs the word “climate” in it because that’s what it’s about, climate and politics, so that people can more easily find it, and it more accurately reflects what it is. Also, I need to get it consolidated with the articles website, which will also be renamed Climate Files, and get them off the old podcastliberally domain name. Yes, the RSS feed will change so you will have to change your subscription, sorry about that. Please come back to check on when this will happen. (The old RSS feed will be rerouted for a month after the new one is made.) Please stay subscribed or I have no way of knowing how many people are tuning in. The new websites are called Climate Files Radio and Climate Files, but at this point, there is nothing there.  Links and much of the info that is now on FN will be there eventually. All FN podcasts will be migrated to the new site.

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