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Sea level rise in Australia, happening now.

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This episode contains talks by the delegates from Stanford University and a talk by Steven Chu, a pretty geeky guy, from last weekend.  Monday was Oceans Day at Copenhagens COP15, and the guys from Stanford discussed the health of the oceans and why that 350 number is so much better than that 450 number that Todd Stern seems to think is OK.

It’s impossible to keep up with everything that is going on in Copenhagen. There are groups doing interviews everywhere, press conferences, side events, Youtube debates and lots more. My hope is that everyone is keeping informed by going to the COP15 website, or the ENB report.

Presented Monday: New estimates of sea level change including the dynamics of the big ice sheets are way higher than the IPCC 2007 estimate.

Also discussed: UN Carbon-Capture Decision Faces Delay to Next Year.

Coal gassification explained.

Remember:  350 ppm is OK, 450 ppm is not OK.  Bill McKibben and Al Gore also spoke, and now the heads of state are beginning to arrive.  Even Prince Charles already spoke too.  You could listen to speeches all day and still not hear them all.

Music at the end is a fun song by that guy from Minnesota, Bob Dylan.

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