Climate Files 52 / Eco Rock Stars

Bill McKibben at Klimaforum09
Bill McKibben at Klimaforum09

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Some news from Copenhagen, some of it kind of surprising and disturbing.

Bill McKibben of and President Nasheed of the Maldives, both Eco Rock Stars,  are featured in this episode.  Their main message:  350 ppm is a necessary target, and it needs to be reinserted into the text of the international agreement that is being written in Copenhagen.

So there will be a lot of work to do after Copenhagen is over because the negotiators won’t arrive at the decision that is necessary, which is topping out at 1.5C in temperature rise and 350 ppm.

President Nasheed at Klimaforum09

The way it stands now, some of the developed country representatives  believe we can survive 450 ppm but there is no historical precedent for humans surviving on a planet with that type of atmosphere. A leaked UN document also showed that the final agreement would lead to temps of 3 degrees C, not 2C.

Those in the  environmental movement and everyone who cares about this issue has a lot of work to do as soon as Copenhagen’s climate summit ends.

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This is the last episode until after Copenhagen’s conference and after the holidays because the eco-elves just can’t keep up with everything.  There may be a release of a summary of some of the final COP15 statements which were recorded.

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