Climate Files 44 / Green News & Gore Fest

Dust Storm in Baghdad
Dust Storm in Baghdad

LinkTV has a new weekly climate change video here and will appear on FN’s news website every week also.

I went to a talk tonight given by Sami Rasouli . . . He’s an Iraqi-American who has been a peace activist for Iraq and he recently returned from a trip to Iraq. One thing he talked about was the environmental disasters now in Iraq, how they have come about because of the war. The water in their rivers is so polluted, they can’t drink it, and they can’t eat the fish either, because the fish have been eating the dead bodies thrown in the river. Because the dirt has been ground to such a fine powder, they are having dust storms twice a week now. Other topics covered include the activist movement, Al Gore’s opinion on climate change Obama, that Obama might go to Copenhagen in December (and he should), and the UK wind sector has gotten a big infusion of money.

Massachusetts rethinks using its forests for “renewable energy.”

This and more news in this episode of the 10th installment of the podcasting marathon known as NaPodPoMo. Read about the EPA Fish Study revealing widespread contamination here.

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