Climate Files 45 / Peak Oil and IEA Report

WEOCoverwebThe new 2009 World Energy Report shows a decline in oil, but did the U.S. interfere in the final report to avoid a panic in the markets?  The IEA denies the pressure.

Many experts think Saudi Arabia and other countries are inflating the numbers reflecting what oil they have left.

This was NaPodPoMo episode 11 of the November podcast marathon.  (FN is now ending its involvement in NaPodPoMo.)

Many energy experts also think we have started peak oil already, and everything from here on is a decline.  Worse, the US doesn’t want anyone else to know this, and has pressured the IEA to soften its language on peak oil and oil decline to prevent panic.

The November 10 IEA press release is here. Story about U.S. pressure on the IEA from The Guardian is here.  The IEA has denied the claims that appeared in the Guardian from the anonymous whistleblowers.  You can read what they said here.

The IEA book site is here,  and here are the available downloads of the World Energy Report 2009.

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