Climate Files 41 / The Brutal Truth

Let's hope there's a lot of planets out there that will support human life and that we can get to them in about a week. Could someone please invent long-distance teleportation really quickly? Thanks.
Let's hope there are a lot of planets out there that will support human life and that we can get to them in about 10 years. Could someone please invent long-distance teleportation by then?

The Brutal Truth about climate change is this:  it’s much worse, and much more threatening to our future, than the public thinks it is.  In fact, it has scientists scared.  Yet the political response is to “work with business” and “work with Republicans” and conservative Democrats like Joe Lieberman to get a passable bill that is so watered down it won’t solve any of the problems of climate change nearly in time.  It seems pointless.

What can we make of this?  I don’t know. ‘Cap and trade’ mostly solved a sulfer dioxide problem years ago, but it isn’t going to solve this enormous problem.  It’s a totally inadequate solution to a monumental problem.

The brutal truth about climate change is that it could be the end of all future generations unless extremely aggressive actions are taken now.  If you’re not worried, you should be.  Mainly because we aren’t taking action to stop it that is adequate!   This episode includes testimony before the EPW by Senator John Kerry and an article about this existential threat known as global warming. This is NaPodPoMo #7.

Here is John Kerry planning to further weaken the bill.  What is he thinking?

The article by Jeff Goodell that I read, Warming Gets Worse, is not found online.  It appeared in the November 12th issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

“The science is more definitive than ever. The science is screaming at us.” says John Kerry.   “A voluntary approach just doesn’t work.”
He’s right about that.  So how could he in good conscience expect us to support what he’s doing?

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