FN03 / Coaled and Carbonated

Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?

Fight the recession or fight global warming? We can do both. This episode covers Carbon news, carbon basics, what we’re facing, cap and trade versus cap and dividend, coal and a portion of an interview with Ted Nace about coal. Join me for fascinating climate info.

Solar did pretty well in the stimulus package, as described by Vote Solar.

Cap and dividend vs. cap and trade — it’s a confusing issue. This episode attempts to explain the difference with some help from Peter Barnes of CapandDividend.org. According to the experts, you could make money from conservation combined with cap and dividend in the form of a monthly check from the government, if it’s ever implemented. New legislation on cap and return, or cap and dividend, from at least 3 members of Congress, is in the works.

Link to Washington Post Article on how they like cap and dividend too is here.

Includes 14 minutes of an episode of an Electric Politics podcast called “Of Coal and Corporations”. You can listen to the whole episode on George Kenney’s EP website. He did a good interview with Ted Nace, who started the immense Coalswarm website. Nace is also the author of the book Gangs of America which you can download free.

Weigh in on Obama’s trip to Canada on Feb. 19th and sign the petition against the Alberta tar sands oil. http://www.obama2canada.org/

Music: 20 seconds of Enya, and 10 seconds of Moby — “Find My Baby” and at end– “What” by Ian France.
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