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future-worldwebWe need climate legislation before it’s too late. According to a new May 5th CNN poll a majority of Americans DO want something done about climate change. Congress, are you listening? They need to hear from us. May 6th and every day is CALL IN day to Congress. But there are several key Democrats that really need some pushing on a climate bill. You can read about this action here and get the list of congressmen to call, their phone numbers, and even a script.

So Today –Take action on climate change legislation today and every day until legislation passes. See the recent action alert at ChesapeakeClimate.org (CCAN) The phone-in day is today but you can call every day until we get something passed!

See more at the Futurism Now blog — Action Day on Climate Legislation.

James Hansen, NASA climate scientist, wrote a letter to the Australian minister of climate change, which you can read from his website link. (It’s a pdf.) I only read his note explaining his frustration that he sent out to those on his mailing list.

Newt Gingrich spent some time in Congress last month misleading the American people and Congress on the economics of climate legislation. There were some mild fireworks, but there need to be more. Some Newt is played, but don’t enjoy it too much.

The government can fund all the new energy it wants, but people need to get those dividend checks from the tax and dividend or cap and trade legislation that is passed. That is what the Larsen bill and the Van Hollen bill describe. So mention those two bills when you call your Congressmen.

Better climate bills:

Larsen Bill H.R. 1337 — America’s Energy Security Trust Fund Act of 2009

Van Hollen Bill H.R. 1862: — Cap and Dividend Act of 2009

Read these two bills, they are better than the cap and trade bill!

China IS studying carbon tax ideas, despite what Newt Claims.

CSPAN energy meetings can be found here. (Look under “Energy”).  There were 3 days of debate and discussion in April, starring Al Gore and Steven Chu and Lisa Jackson and many others.

The sad melted Bolivian glacier story is here. It lasted 18,000 years… and mere mortals finished it off.
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