Green Nudge Theory

This is a fascinating discussion with Norwegian scientist and psychologist Per Espen Stoknes on How To Build Support for Climate Policy. He is a proponent of the Green Nudge Theory, which was developed to try to influence people to act on climate change. Previous methods of using doom and basic factual arguments have not been effective, and neither have purely financial arguments.

The Green Nudges theory aims to move people away from mindless and wasteful behaviors to mindless and constructive behaviors, in other words, to make wise decisions as second nature, not something people have to think about too much. It should become second nature for all of us to mitigate climate change and save live here on earth. Eventually, it will be.
We can all help that along, as this podcast can help that along.

His three points of behavior change relating to climate change are 1. Make it social; 2. Make it more simple and 3. Use the supportive framing that climate change mitigation is good for your health and the health of everyone. This framing has already had an impact on the American government. [back in the days of President Obama and a sane EPA].
There is more to health framing too. We can point out that heat stress, for example, can lead to health problems but also to more extreme violence.
There is also insurance framing which the industry is aware of: climate insurance is a security management for business.
Listen to this podcast for more of his ideas on framing and how we can all be a part of this solution. Yes, “cool ideas” like the Tesla are definitely part of the solutions.

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