Impact Files Returns

global-warming2Hard to believe, but Impact Files has returned.

It will be leaner, meaner, shorter and in conjunction with my environmental art gallery project, Art of Impact. Don’t worry, still lots of environmental news. You will hear from President Obama in Sweden and Minnesota Sea Grant.

Here is the full story on the P&G story on how they are banning the two toxic chemicals they put in personal care products.

Any questions? Contact me.

Art of Impact on RocketHub can be found here.

Art of Impact on Fractured Atlas is here.

This is a good cause, and I need listener support to make this a reality!

Even the World Bank is worried about climate change. So how come our politicians aren’t?  Here’s the story about airline regulations:  Europe Offers U.S. a Deal, Hoping for Global Rules on Airline Emissions.

Here is the download link.  You can also subscribe using the RSS  on this page.

(If you have any interview ideas, contact me!)

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