Lawsuit Could Save Action on Climate Change

The new authoritarian and anti-science American president and his anti-science EPA administrator are busy destroying all pro-science rules and regulations, including those for clean air, clean water and climate change. Regular people are finding ways to fight back. The best way to do that, where possible, is lawsuits. You can sue the EPA and you can sue Resident Trump directly. Anyone can do something like this with a resource of law experts:

“Twenty one (21) plaintiffs,  now between the ages of 9 and 20, claim the federal government has consistently engaged in activity that promotes fossil fuel production and greenhouse gas emissions, thereby worsening climate change. They argue this violates their constitutional right to life, liberty and property, as well the public trust doctrine, while holds that the government is responsible for the preservation of certain vital resources — in this case, a healthy climate system — for public use.

While legal experts are uncertain as to the lawsuit’s likelihood of success, few have disputed its pioneering nature. Similar cases have been brought on the state level, but this is the first against the federal government in the United States. And in November, the case cleared a major early hurdle when U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken denied motions filed by the Obama administration, as well as the fossil fuel industry, to have the lawsuit dismissed, ordering that it should proceed to trial.

The move allowed the case to join the ranks of climate lawsuits filed in other nations, which could upend the way environmental advocacy is conducted around the world. Just last year, a court in the Netherlands ordered the Dutch government to cut carbon emissions by a quarter within five years. Similar climate-related suits have been brought and won in Austria, Pakistan and South Africa. . . .

“We are concerned with the new administration’s immediate maneuver to remove important climate change information from the public domain and, based on recent media reports, we are concerned about how deep the scrubbing effort will go,”Julia Olson, chief legal counsel for the plaintiffs and executive director of the advocacy group Our Children’s Trust, said in a statement at the time. “Destroying evidence is illegal and we just put these new U.S. Defendants and the Industry Defendants on notice that they are barred from doing so.

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The current EPA administrator is trying to destroy this lawsuit so he can destroy the EPA.

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“According to one of the plaintiffs, Alex Loznak, the government is stalling for time.

“This request for appeal is an attempt to cover up the federal government’s long-running collusion with the fossil fuel industry,”  Loznak said in a statement. “My generation cannot wait for the truth to be revealed.”

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