Climate Files 43 / Rethink Meat

Flame-broiled Doom
Flame-broiled Doom

Meat consumption might be destroying the planet and killing us.  It’s certainly not green, so maybe we should think about it more before using it so much.  And Americans consume more meat than anyone on the planet.   It’s contributing to climate change, to terrible environmental practices, pollution and our inability to feed everyone on earth adequately. When people are starving they don’t want meat, they want food.

A few tangents were taken in this episode, namely, Mike the Headless Chicken, whose story you can read here.

Jonathan Safran Foer recently wrote Eating Animals and was recently on NPR talking about his book.  He explains his point of view in a short interview you can hear in this episode.

Facts about climate change and meat consumption, including the possibility that it causes health problems,  here and here.  The doctor’s site that claims red meat can cause breast cancer is here.

My Futurism prediction: In 50 years or less it will be abnormal and rare to find anyone, anywhere, eating meat.

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