News and Commentary #03

bullettrain3Before this was a climate podcast . . . it was a news broadcast. This episode covers climate change, news about Karl Rove, news about diplomatic efforts, and the 819 billion dollar stimulus package that Obama wants passed. No Republicans voted to pass it in the House on Wednesday night and it passed anyway. That’s because President Obama has a mandate and intelligence on his side. Anyway, I defend the spending bill and one reason is the money for transportation and energy and the new electric grid, all of which we need badly. However, it’s true this spending bill won’t be nearly enough because it doesn’t yet tackle climate change seriously.

See this train? Other countries have super-fast commuter trains and we don’t. Why is that? Could it be due to Exxon or BP? We need super-fast, super-efficient transit in the U.S. and it’s ridiculous that we don’t have any. Something or someone must be obstructing their development. There are even solar-powered bullet trains in development, but I bet the U.S. will be one of the last countries to get one, thanks to the obstructionist Republicans.

I play a short clip of Al Gore’s very long testimony in front of Congress on Wednesday. I will have the entire recording (3 hours) shortly, and it will be available on Podcast Liberally (here) only.

Music: Runaway Train by Eliza Gilkyson
You can download this episode here.

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