Ep 79 / After the BP Oil Spill

The name of this podcast has changed to IMPACT FILES but the information will be similar and  relevant. The earth and its inhabitants are still in peril due to human activity.

This particular episode was the final Climate Files podcast: One year after BP… and now it’s two years after BP and the Gulf is still not clean and the life in and around the Gulf is still suffering. Below is the text from the original podcast.

A year after the catastrophic BP oil disaster that began on April 20th, 2010, Gulf Coast communities are still struggling to recover — meanwhile, oil companies report record profits and push lawmakers for even more access to drill our lands and waters. Did you know that BP might make money on their horrible oil leak of 2010? The first report was that BP would get a $10 billion dollar tax break for their clean-up troubles. Now the news is even more outrageous — for unleashing the worst oil crime in the Gulf of Mexico in U.S. history, BP stands to gain $13 billion dollars, and might not even pay any taxes at all this year.

You can sign a CREDO petition denouncing this here. Destroying our Gulf should not be a tax write-off.

This episode contains information you probably haven’t heard, about what’s going on down in the Gulf, a year after the oil crime of 2010. More foreign press is covering this than U.S. press, so this is information that is necessary to emphasize.

Dahr Jamail’s article BP anniversary: Toxicity, Suffering and Death is on Al Jazeera EN.

Got any environmental “sins” to confess? There’s a website for that.

The sad story about Steven Aguinaga and his friend Merrick Vallian can be heard in this episode and seen here. You can also see the video interview of Lisa Nelson, who passed away in March, here.

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This podcast, originally titled Climate Files, was originally produced in April, 2011 and the podcasts that are earlier than this one are also from 2011 and 2010. I’m bringing the podcast back and associating it with an art project of the same name. The art project will eventually have its own gallery here.

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