EP99 / Republicans and Deniers will Suffer Too

AirplaneEmissionPollutionThe 99th episode of Impact Files, (formerly Climate Files), with some good news and some bad news. To Republicans and Skeptics: Just because you don’t believe climate change is a threat doesn’t mean it won’t kick your ass. It will, if left to get worse and worse, which is our Congress’s approach to climate change. The good old US of A isn’t first in anything any more except spending our money on military and wars, but in everything else we now lag behind everyone else, and certainly in climate change, we aren’t doing enough.

Did you know that French airlines pay a carbon fee to pay for their emissions? America can’t even do basic stuff like that. And everyone will eventually suffer from climate change  — the rich, the poor, the Tea Party, the liberals. We are all together in the same boat in space called Earth. And we are not meant to leave it, despite what Hollywood tells us (via Interstellar).  As a matter of fact, I give a mini review of Interstellar in this podcast.

But it’s not all bad. Obama pledged $3 billion for climate change funds towards less developed country mitigation and adaptation. Congress howled with anger as they do every time the president does anything positive. The new climate fund has seen pledges of nearly $10 billion and they are looking for lots more. Even so, carbon emissions will not be stopping any time soon. Here is where we are headed:

“To remain under 2°C, all world carbon emissions would have to immediately drop to zero after that year, which of course they won’t. While IEA projects that renewables will grow aggressively between now and 2040, overtaking coal as the globe’s leading source of electricity, and that coal and oil use will effectively plateau by that point, fossil fuel use — and thus carbon emissions — will remain about 75 percent of the world’s energy consumption. That, according to IEA, puts us on course for roughly 3.6°C of global warming by 2100.”

At least some people are making amends for how they got their fortunes. David Rockefeller from a Living on Earth show(not NPR) on saving the oceans with his oil money is highlighted in this episode.

Keystone XL didn’t pass the Senate vote this week (it will, eventually) but it wasn’t for Democrats not trying. Rachel Maddow tells them off in a nice summary of how they waste time and for such a terrible reason. In fact, Congress doesn’t want to be distracted by science at all.

Rich countries discuss the Green Climate Fund. The US pledged $3 billion for a $100+ billion problem, but we will always have trillions for another war in our back pocket. China, however, has a goal to cap coal use by 2020!

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“The world must halt fossil-fuel emissions within the next six decades to stave off irreversible impacts that may stem from a warming planet, the United Nations said.”

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