Trump’s first week in office was as bad as we imagined it might be, and then some. Any hopes of him “acting presidential” are now gone. After the election of this fascist authoritarian oligarch, the US science community is in deep trouble. Facts themselves are in deep trouble! The environment, civil rights, and health care are all in deep trouble. The whole planet is in deep trouble. We have a lot of things to be concerned about since the election of Trump. Should we freak out and give up or keep trying to change minds? Will it matter, in a world where facts no longer matter?

Some stories to dwell on while you ponder whether or not to give up and move to Canada:

Trump admin. doesn’t want EPA to talk to press

Trump’s erratic first week most alarming in history

The EPA might be forced to remove climate change info??

Little White Houses to contact everywhere

Doomsday Clock closer to midnight

Bill McKibben’s Battle Plan for the Climate Crisis

California clears hurdle for cancer warnings on Roundup

CDC Cancels climate change conference and then brings it back

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