EP 84 / Spills and Smog

ChinaSmogChina is having a climate meltdown — Beijing’s pollution is at an all time high. From HuffpoGreen

ND loves fossil fuels far too much. A recent underground oil spill in North Dakota ruined a farm and a wheat field with 20,600 barrels of crude oil.  The Bakken oil field is booming, to the detriment of the farmers, who think there can’t be all that much wrong, making a deal with the devil. Storing waste, hiding the pipeline under their crop fields…. it’ll all be OK in the end. Except it won’t.

MPR talks about North Dakota’s objection to Minnesota’s clean air law that was touted by Governor Tim Pawlenty, that guy who ran for president and became embarassingly right-wing. But that wasn’t the real him.

The Fate of Minnesota’s renewable energy is in the hands of a Judge.
Al Gore weighs in at 24hoursofreality.com. It’s an all-day event called The Cost of Carbon. (I’ll be including this in a future podcast)

Green headlines every day:  Bradblog’s Green News Report.

One story about a North Dakota family dealing with fracking and drilling waste.
Greenpeace is in trouble in Russia.

Art of Impact, a non-profit environmental art project, is here.

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