Suicide Squad

Map credit: “There are about 30,000 oil spills per year in US waters nationally. This map only shows the spills that have been reported since 2005.” WIRED.

Our president-elect is assembling a suicide squad. He’s picking people to lead departments that want to destroy those departments. Most of them are also climate change deniers, which means soon a bunch of people who want to destroy all the progress made on climate and energy in the last 8 years will be leading the country.

In Trump, U.S. Puts a Climate Denier in Its Highest Office

North Dakota Pipeline Spill estimated at 176,000 gallons

Global warming mass extinctions

Scott Pruitt, climate change denier, is nominated to head the EPA

In Trump, U.S. Puts a Climate Denier in Its Highest Office and All Climate Change Action in Limbo
Climate change escalating so fast it is ‘beyond point of no return’

Global warming is beyond the “point of no return”, according to the lead scientist behind a ground-breaking climate change study.

The full impact of climate change has been underestimated because scientists haven’t taken into account a major source of carbon in the environment.

End of podcast: Greg Miller of the Washington Post discusses weaponized Cyberspying by Russia that changed our election in favor of Donald Trump

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