Texas Floods and Climate Change

Historical Texas flooding that deniers feel is part of a "natural cycle" (AP photo)
Historical Texas flooding that climate change deniers feel is part of a “natural cycle” (AP photo)

Yes, the super heavy ongoing precipitation in Texas, Oklahoma and elsewhere in the South (where I live) is caused,  at least in part, by climate change. It’s now obvious that this type of weather event is being caused by a different climate, changed from what we had 20 – 30 years ago. CO2 emissions lead to atmospheric warming that loads the climate with moisture and instability, leading to a higher incidence of torrential rains and storms. According to the blog of famous weatherman Paul Douglas:

Much of Texas is experiencing historic flooding; the same counties that were in a severe drought just 3 weeks ago.

When skeptics say “What’s a few degrees among friends?” or “CO2 is plant food, Paul!” I point them to new research showing a growing link between rapid Arctic warming and weather-whiplash, along with shifts in the jet stream.

There’s early evidence that weather systems are deeper, moving slower, especially during the summer months. Storms and fronts seem more prone to getting “stuck”. When weather stalls bad things can unfold, debilitating droughts, stronger heatwaves and mega-floods.”

Now the deniers and the GOP politicians will have to admit climate change threatens everyone’s way of life, won’t they? Well, no. They probably blame these historic, never-seen-before levels of rain and flooding on “natural cycles”  (which is nonsense). Republican politicians are unable to accept basic premises of science, because they work for the fossil fuel companies and the professional tax-dodging religious minority in the US.

In fact, presidential candidate Ted Cruz feels that the entire issue of climate change is not scientific, but “political”.

“The heavy flooding that’s overwhelmed Texas and killed more than 30 people has put Sen. Ted Cruz in a bind on climate change.

The Republican presidential contender has held two press conferences over the past two days to address the flooding and the government’s response. At each one, he was asked about the impact of climate change on natural disasters like the Texas flooding, and at each one, he dodged the question.

“In a time of tragedy, I think it’s wrong to try to politicize a natural disaster — and so there’s plenty of time to talk about other issues,” he said in response to a question on his views on climate change during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.”

Proving yet again that Republican politicians are willfully ignorant idiots who will say and do anything to get elected by the equally ignorant voters they need to win elections. God help us if any of these anti-science deniers win the presidency ever.

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