Trump Declares War on the Planet

This is the Intercept podcast from the last week of March, 2017. It’s a well-done podcast in general and we recommend everyone subscribe to it. This particular episode’s first half hour is about climate change, the purpose of ignoring it, and Donald Trump. The interview is with Naomi Klein, author of a book on climate change capitalism, “This Changes Everything….” and an excellent book on disaster capitalism, The Shock Doctrine. Her interview in this podcast covers both subjects, because they are connected.

“Donald Trump is treating the health of the planet as a short sell. The deadly game? Make as much money for big oil as possible before the planet goes up in flames. This week on Intercepted, Naomi Klein confronts the White House’s declaration of war on the planet, dissects the bizarre institution of “concierge” disaster response for the ultra-wealthy, and explores whether Trump’s administration is producing the fourth Purge movie where we all are unwitting cast members.”

The Intercept’s website has the transcript from the show also. The Naomi Klein portion of the podcast is below.

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